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  • The Helping Truth

    Lifting Oppression and Starting Progression!

    There are so many people in the world that need help whether it is , physically, spiritually, or mentally. Many look for escapes in other ways to cause a distraction to mask their problems they are facing. Although this provides a temporary fix, you are never fully healed nor set free from the delimma and always demostrating a lack or need. The truth is that many lack because of the ability to trust God in time that it is hard and as a result, do not reap the benefits of true peace. This factor of trusting God relys on a sacrifice of things many carry and living a life of holliness that is acceptable by Gods standard. This is hard for some as they are not willing to give up the things that they are use to and wish to carry their maintained lifesytles. This results in a repeat of constant chaos and round about delimmas. If we were to submit all of us and everything that we deal with from day to day, God would simply take over these issues and began to work through them to give an expected and peaceful outcome. The Divine believes that God is capable of anything and everything and He does not fail when it comes to His children. Only with can you have true salvation and peace from day to day life. 

  • Divine Help

    Leave us a request of what the need is and we will respond back within 7-10 business days. [email protected] 

I was standing in Walmart and was on the phone with my niece just telling how I wish I had some extra money to shop with; and then quickly someone opened my hand and gave me some paper and walked away. The paper was money and wrapped around it was a card of someone from the Divine! I started to praise in the line at Walmart. Blesings to this organization.

- Annette, Florissant, MO

I was homeless and didnt have a place to sleep for the night and I had been looking for my sister that had went missing in St. Louis; someone from the Divine bought food for me and took me to church and after gave me money to get a room for the night in the middle of winter. I am grateful that there are still people like this in the world.

- Niki, St Louis, MO

I needed prayer due to my heart complications as I was in the hospital; I knew that the doctors were saying the worst but someone from the Divine came to Las Vegas to pray and help me in the process of my recovery and today I am blessed to be in good help in my right mind thanks to the help of God and the Divine!

- Shannon, Las Vegas, NV